The Order of the Silverflame (SWTOR)

Trials for the force sensitive

Trial(s) of Serenity- Meditate with those who will be furthering your knowledge in the force. (Meet with group and RP as you discuss what it means to be between the light and the dark) This will serve as a RP 101 for those new to RP

Rite of cleansing- Participate in the ritual that will wash away your former life (RP session that will be performed by a Lord, Master or by the Grandmaster himself that will promote recruits to initiates)

Trial of Knowledge- Further your knowledge by having a Lord, Master, or the Grandmaster take you on as a disciple. (Select a Master that reflects the type of play style you enjoy. EX: RP,PVP,PVE)

Trial of Strength- Strength is not only within you, Strength comes in Numbers. (share the wisdom you have already learned with two other players and successfully recruit them by bringing them to your master) – RP players

Turn in 1000 warzone commendations to your master – PVP players

Trial of Harmony- (Disciples only) Meditate and lead recruited members through their Trials of Serenity while supervised by a Lord or Master

Trial of Passion- Use your passion to give you the strenght to guide your recruited allies through a lvl appropriate Flashpoint. (Be sure to get cleared by your Master/Lord before taking your recruits out)

Trial of Power- Test your might my proving you power in a gladiator challenge against your fellow guild mates. (Tournament challenge to see who among you deserves the title of Lord)
Trial of victory
Trial of Freedom- Prove to the other masters that you have broken the chains of your ignorance and have truly mastered the teachings of the silverflame.(The Masters will decide on your final test once you are ready to break free of all that you were once thought)


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